The Start of a Journey, Overcoming the Past to Change the Future

Hi, and Welcome to a Place That’s All About Hope, Strength, and Life-Purpose. 

I’m a person who is passionate about helping women who’ve been affected by hurtful/abusive relationships or situations rediscover their worth, truth, and purpose.

If you’re struggling, as I have, with having a sense of purpose, really knowing who you are, and doing what you were born to do, this will be a place for us to wrestle with what’s holding you back from being who you were born to be.

We will also discuss, how to truly connect with who you were created to be and what it is to actually live out your rediscovered purpose. It is so important to continue with encouragement and support when making a shift in your life that resonates with who you are, instead of living a life resonating with what has been imposed on you. Overcoming the negative effects, of having been in hurtful or abusive relationships…is hard. Especially on your own. You’ve been on your journey of healing and have overcome much. You may have even reached a level of “this is as good as it gets”, but there is more. I know for myself, and many other women I’ve had the privilege to coach, it seems that the progress of freedom from what holds us back happens in layers. Like a coach had said to me once, “it’s like a layer of an onion, peeling off one layer at a time when it’s time”. I don’t about you, but I didn’t want to get stuck at a layer that would keep me from fully being who I was created to be. I am excited to go on this journey with you. The journey of Being the Person You Were Born to Be, to Do What You Were Born to Do, without the Negative Impact of a Hurtful Past Holding You Back.

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